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UNBLOOM – ‘I Followed’ | Single Review

UNBLOOM is possibly the nicest person to exist. He lights up my Twitter feed with all sorts of wholesomeness that it makes my heart melt with adorableness. ‘I Followed’ is his new single and IT.IS.DEAD.GOOD. This guy’s been killing it with a string of steady single releases and this might be his best track yet.

‘I Followed’ immediately grabs you by the ears with it’s punchy, synth-heavy beat and pounding drum combo. It’s like a more urgent topical sound, almost throwing the shades and coconuts at your face. The chorus is a wonderful explosion of colour with bright instruments falling over one another to deliver something that’s immensely catchy and easy to remember, and as a whole the track is effortlessly excellent.

Once again, UNBLOOM can do no wrong and ‘I Followed’ is proof of that. What a little banger.

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