Good Sounds Playlist | 09.07.18

It’s Monday, it’s unbelievably warm, and it’s time to get down to new music. How do you do that? WELL THE GOOD SOUNDS PLAYLIST, of course. Duh. Nah, all pretentiousness aside, how are you doing? It’s time for another week’s worth of new music. This week is possibly one of the strongest playlists we’ve had you know. Each track is solid in their own right, and provides an overall listen that’s varied and GREAT.

Also, I must include the video to the excellent ‘Undone’ by Greta Isaac, so here it is! IN OTHER NEWS, the playlist won’t be around next week as I will be on holiday in the Lake District. Apologies. If you were to imagine what the playlist would be like, just play ‘Three Lions’ over and over. You know why? COS IT’S COMING HOME. Enjoy


Good Sounds Playlist | 09.07.2018

FLING – ‘Extra Special’
Van Bellman – ‘I Hate to See You This Way’
Becky Bowe – ‘That’s How Love Works’
Indigo De Souza – ‘Good Heart’
The Winachi Tribe – ‘Transition’
Chores – ‘Vampire Teeth’
Cherophobiac – ‘Leukemia’
Saltwater Sun – ‘Hot Mess’
Red Light Effect – ‘Empress’
Greta Isaac – ‘Undone’

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