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Foresteater – ‘Unbutton’ | Single Review

Foresteater is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist and all round clever boy Mikey Pro, and this is his new single ‘Unbutton’. I believe their single ‘Pretend Land’ featured on a previous Good Sounds Playlist many months ago and well, welcome to the big leagues kid. Look at you, getting your own review and everything.

‘Unbutton’ is the latest single to be dropped in what’s become a steady stream of releases and seems to fully embrace the sound Mikey has been tweaking over the course of Foresteater’s life. The likes of ‘Avalanche’ and ‘Pretend Land’ head towards a direction that expands upon the lo-fi sounds of the excellently titled debut Nightlife of the Exploding Heads, while ‘Unbutton’ adds a little urgency to proceedings.

Hazy, watery guitars remain a staple of the Foresteater sound, but ‘Unbutton’ packs a punch with a bold bassline and drums that seem to pound right in your face. It helps add a bit of texture and turns this sunshine-loving number into one that becomes ever so slightly fearful of the beating sun. Similar to what we in the UK are doing right now.

This is another solid tune from Foresteater. Not only does it deliver all of the hooks and melodies we’ve come to expect, but it also highlights possible directions this promising act could explore in future. Nice.

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