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CARDS – ‘Periphery’ | Single Review

How’s this for an image you never wanted? I am currently writing, t-shirt sticking to my back while beads of sweat decorate my brow. It is a humid day here in the UK, and I’m okay with that? Why am I okay with that? Because I’m listening to CARDS’ new single, ‘Periphery’. That’s why.

So what is it about ‘Periphery’ that makes it easy to forget that you’re possibly burning alive? Well, the fifth single of 2018 from this increasingly-productive project is a track that defines the summer vibes, and does so in an extremely laid back way. It’s the perfect combination of relaxed ideas paired up with the increasing want to do nothing underneath this hot sun.

With a snappy drum beat and effortlessly lax guitars, CARDS does a great job at layering all sorts of sounds together to create something that’s dense with melodies without overcomplicating things. Simply put, this is catchy as heck. ‘Periphery’ is a great song and a strong follow up to previous single ‘One Too Many Movies’, another solid number that makes me believe that keeping an eye on CARDS would be a very smart thing to do.

2 comments on “CARDS – ‘Periphery’ | Single Review

  1. I don’t care what you feel, I need information about the song and your author!

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