Good Sounds Playlist | 30.07.2018

Hello everyone – welcome to another dose of hot new music, courtesy of the Good Sounds Playlist! After last week’s celebration of the endless summer it seems the sun has decided to go bye bye and give us all the ability to sleep and not stick to things again. Thanks sun! Be back soon.

This week’s list is another solid mix of new bands dropping their debut singles, other Indie hits and some solid, heavier tunes that are determined to drive their guitars into your face. Personally I’m really high on the tracks by Jeen, The Flavians and She Makes War. Though there’s something quite sweet about Helenor’s debut ‘Ocean State’ too.

I’d also like to thank you all for getting the subscriber list to the mid-40s! Each week we seem to rise in the ranks and that’s awesome. I’d also like to point out the all new Good Sounds Playlist page which is situated on the top menu of the blog. This is a collection of EVERY Good Sounds Playlist, including the list of all the songs featured over the past almost-a-year.

As always, links to all ten songs will be featured below and most importantly of all, happy listening! Thanks, Adam. Xoxo.

Good Sounds Playlist – 30.07.2018:
Future Generations – ‘Landscape’

Jeen – ‘Any Moment’

Patawawa – ‘Fight Me’

Ed The Dog – ‘Television Era’

The Flavians – ‘On the Radio’

Delta Will – ‘Nothing is Enough’

Helenor – ‘Ocean State’

She Makes War – ‘Devastate Me’

Parker Lee – ‘Fencer’

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