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Good Sounds Playlist | 06.08.2018

Ohhhhh hello there August! How are you doing? Good, I’m good too thanks. Yeah this heat has been crazy these last few weeks. Sometimes I can’t even tell if I’m sweating or crying. Who knows. Anyway, HIYA. Welcome to another week of the Good Sounds Playlist! Can I just say that we’re building quite the crowd ain’t we? Nearly 50 people are subscribed to the playlist now which is superb. Thank you so much.

This week’s playlist is a wonderful mix of summery tunes and some darker, groovier numbers. I’d like to point out the lovely LENN’s recent release of remixes (alliteration) of her single ‘Cheap Talk’, the very chilled ‘Vitamin D’ by the casually named Nah., the wonderful sounds of Dominique’s ‘Receipts’ and ‘Ice Cream Dream’ by Ay Wing, possibly the summieriest summer song of all. Enjoy.

Good Sounds Playlist | 06.08.2018:
Nah. – ‘Vitamin D’

Black Bear Rodeo – ‘Blue Pencil’

EREZ – ‘Make Me Feel’

LENN – ‘Cheap Talk’ (HANNIE Remix)

Ay Wing – ‘Ice Cream Dream’

Lunacre – ‘Love Being Lost’

Karolina Rose – ‘Going To Berlin’

Indigo Face – ‘The Seed’

Dominique – ‘Receipts’

Belaver – ‘Trash’

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