Oli Hannaford – ‘Considering Both Sides’ | Single Review

Back in March we featured an artist who everybody seems to be very excited about, and we used it to talk about ordering a Chinese. Oli Hannaford’s ‘Running Slow’ was an absolute belter of a track which dabbled on the topic of an argument, and now with his new single, he appears to be ‘Considering Both Sides’.

Maturity is something that’s vitally important in relationships and breakups, and in his new single Oli, alongside singer Marna, makes one hell of a hook in still wanting to be friends. Backed by an instrumental that fills the world with bold, bright synthesisers and massive drums, this is a song that subtlety gets into it’s groove and dazzles with its performance.

‘Considering Both Sides’ is a bit of a sleeper hit from Oli Hannaford. It’s not one to throw everything right at your face but will allow you to dig deep. It’s very enjoyable, and yes, I can see why everyone’s excited.

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