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SHIELDS – ‘Evidence’ | Single Review

SHIELDS are a five piece from Newcastle and this is ‘Evidence’, their new single which comes from their upcoming Etemenanki EP which is set for release in October (spoiler alert, it’s dead good). This single is the band’s first piece of new music since their debut album How Can We Fix This? In 2016 and well, it seems they’re back with a vengeance.

‘Evidence’ is an absolute belter. Complete with an intro that immediately pushes the hook into your face, it’s a track that revels in it’s ability to wrap you up in it’s sound. It has basslines that groove into the night, percussion that adds that little hint of swing in it’s step, and the guitar riffs are simply immense. I love the occasional sounds of other-worldy synths in the background that seem to have simply stepped into frame accidentally. That’s awesome.

This is a seriously fun listen and one that almost caves your head in with the sheer amount of guitars involved. It’s finale is a glorious display of letting everything fall to pieces, and definitely leaves me excited for the upcoming EP.

1 comment on “SHIELDS – ‘Evidence’ | Single Review

  1. Great tune, great review!


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