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Cloves bursts onto the scene with new album | One Big Nothing

One Big Nothing is the debut album from CLOVES, the project of singer-songwriter Kaity Dunstan. Until now, I always thought “of Garlic” would be my favourite form of cloves but…here we are.

Traditionally the main purpose of a debut album is to cause one massive introduction, and CLOVES tears the house down with hers. ‘Bringing the House Down’ kicks things off with a Bluesy guitar that struts it’s way through the dusty atmosphere, whilst CLOVES’s vocals lead the way. I love the way the chorus blooms in time with her glorious ascending notes, and adds a touch of Pop glitter to an otherwise gloomy affair.

This formula proves to stay strong as the likes of ‘Better Now’ pairs a more-sombre guitar with a drumset that clearly forgot the memo, as it pounds it’s way through the melodic tones to add a bit of vibrancy the track. This vibrancy oozes through the wonderfully titled ‘California Numb’ as it lays down one of the more groove-heavy instrumentals on the record. I proper dig this song.

One Big Nothing is a superb album from CLOVES. It does a great job at saying hello to the world and leaves a big impression on the ears. It uses it’s sound to great effect, exploring various avenues while sticking to the fundamentals, producing a set of songs that often project bold lyricism of heartache while remaining defiant too. ‘Hit Me Hard’ in particular is a powerful listen and yea, I really like it.

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