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“One & Two”, the dazzling new single from | Psychic Love

“Dream Grunge” isn’t a genre we’re too familiar with, nor expected to actually exist BUT along comes with Psychic Love with their new single “One & Two”. The song is described as “…a restless song about how communications bend and warp, especially in this new frontier, where nothing is as it seems.” So, time to start dreaming.

Serious Western pictures are painted as Desert guitars spout riffs that kick up dust in the sand, delivering a gritty sound that struts through an instrumental that simply wishes to soak up the atmosphere. The breathy, wandering vocals of “Queen of the Underground” Laura Peters lead the way with a solid, dominant performance and one that we do not wish to have a standoff with.

“One & Two” is a gloriously dreamy listen packed with thunderous beats and riffs that tear through the layers with a cool display. It’s composed and determined to take over the airwaves all at once. It’s great.

*Edit 24/01/2019 – This review has been updated due to the passing of Laura Peters. Whilst our connection on this Earth was brief, I was excited to hear more from her & Psychic Love. RIP. The LA music scene & the world has lost a light.

2 comments on ““One & Two”, the dazzling new single from | Psychic Love

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  2. Wow, what sad news! Just now listened to their music, and she was marvelous.


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