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The Odds Were All Beating Me, the hard hitting new EP from | Antonioni

The Odds Were All Beating Me is the new EP from Antonioni. Not only are the Seattle band responsible for giving us our first EP review of 2019, but they’re also following up with debut Lullablaze with something that’s dead good too.

Lead single “Easy Listener” is exactly that for it’s intro but very quickly turns to the extreme with another pounding session of drums and guitars to become anything but. The instrumental has a kind of jangly chaos that was akin in the first few Dinosaur Jr albums, which makes us like it even more. Vocals from Sarah Pasillas soar and sweep through the layers of sound to give a powerful performance that sometimes sinks into the music, proper rounding it off as a beast of a tune.

“Snow Globe” offers an interlude away from the noise to deliver a mind-warping performance that’s bolstered by numerous vocal takes colliding together to form something that’s eerily beautiful. “Old News” follows with a full band sound that eases back into the mid-tempo, offering a much more melodic approach. Finally, new single “Stutter Step” closes things with one final burst of energy as it’s trippy lead guitar hook combines with a pummelling bassline and frantic drum beat to end things on a high note.

The Odds Were All Beating Me is a superb EP from Antonioni. It’s an EP that envelops you into it’s sound and gives you a guided tour of all sorts of harmony, melody and straight up brutal riffs to keep you satisfied throughout. From the second “Creature Comfort” kicks in with it’s thunderous display of guitars, you know it’s gonna be a good’un.

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