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Join us in feeling hot and bothered to Sam Setton’s new single | “Gum”

An early contender for sexiest song of the year, Sam Setton’s “Gum” is a track that encapsulates the rush of feelings that come with falling in love. The initial attraction, the increasing swells of adoration, the short breathiness of that first conversation – everything is captured wonderfully here. It’s sexy, catchy, moody and perfect for all occasions.

Right from the breathy acceptance in the intro, “Gum” shines with clean production that snaps into place. Sam’s vocals breathe heartfelt lyricism that ranges from lust to love to pure infatuation, and the instrumental sighs and swells along with ease. The swirling flows of the synthesisers pair up nicely with the sombre heartaches of the guitar, and the result is a song that adds a new spin to the most written about topic in Music. This is a single that warrants much higher, classier praise than our recent tweet, which Sam + the respective PR company did find humorous, thank god.

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