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Come check out Pickle Darling’s colourful debut album | Bigness

Pickle Darling is the moniker of multi-instrumentalist Lukas Mayo and this is hit debut album Bigness. Since the release of the Spring Onion Pancakes EP, Lukas has landed a spot on Slovakian label Z Tapes and looks to bring his blend of sugary bedroom pop to the rest of the world. Anyone who chooses to announce the release of their “stupid ass” album, and also has a review that claims it’s “like a baby as an album” absolutely deserves to be heard.

To build on the…rather strange description above, Bigness is an album that has a childlike wonder to it. The lo-fi aspect gives an innocence to it’s ten tracks that altogether makes it sound so pure throughout. From the sweet little diddy of “Bicycle Weather”, Bigness opens the listener to a world that’s full of primary colours and unicorns. Completely void of cynicism. The subtle sound of acoustic guitar in the background adds additional sunshine to the mix, and the constant rhythm of the percussion pushes the point that this is one ridiculously happy song.

The reworked “Mouthful” extends this formula further, while the serious exclamation of “let’s play!” in “Greta” wanders playfully into a new direction. Lukas’s vocals seem to sink a little deeper within the layers of the song, adding a real dreamy quality to the album. So dreamy that it takes a second to realise that yes, you are indeed hearing Nicholas Cage references on the six minute daydream of “Rinse Spin Cycle / Nicholas Cage”.

Bigness is a glorious album from Pickle Darling. It’s an album that immediately throws you into a world bursting with colour and excitement, and maintains it throughout. Lukas does a superb job exploring various avenues without losing too much cohesiveness, and the little additions of emotion and fear in the lyricism towards the album’s end add some necessary depth too. Good stuff.

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