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Lose composure to Make Friends’s debut single “Drop Naked”

You know, looking back on the content we’ve featured so far this year, it seems we’re finally branching out in to the “hot and bothered” scene. Some of the music we’ve raved about has seen baby making sounds increase by roughly 400% already, and that’s only going up. Stop it. The latest to be raved about is “Drop Naked”, the debut single from Make Friends.

“Drop Naked” kicks off with a traditionally Indie intro as sparkling guitars layer glistening riffs and melodies upon one another to form a sound that instantly brings sunshine into the ears. This is then followed with a rhythm section that’s composed in execution and offers up little breaths of bassline that pop out of the mix occasionally, providing the perfect foundation for lyrics such as “drop naked to the floor, begging me for more” to really take your breath away.

The harmonies offer hooks of words that shouldn’t be said in public, but that level of naughtiness only brings further excitement to the track. “Drop Naked” is a superb introduction from Make Friends and one that absolutely needs to be taken with a cold shower afterwards. Good lord.

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