January Highlights | Roundup

Welcome to the January Highlights! We’ve been thinking about maintaining a little segment of roundup posts in which we talk about our favourite content featured on the blog in a particular month, and also bring some light on other moments that might’ve happened too. We’re fully embedded into 2019 and January brought quite a few highlights our way.

We kicked off the new year with a premiere of Charley James’s music video for his new single “Baby We’re Optimists, Remember?” which came from his EP of the same name. Premieres are the coolest thing to do as a music blog and it always blows us away that people entrust us with that responsibility. Of course, some people offer it and then taketh away, but that’s another story…

Maggie Rogers has also dropped the latest album to blow our little ears with her immense debut album Heard It In A Past Life. January’s been responsible for some corking albums already (FIDLAR, Pickle Darling, Malibu Ken and of course, Weezer) so we’re hoping the next 11 months will do just the same.

Debutants to our eardrums made quite the splash this month as Make Friends and Sam Setton dropped some of the sexiest tracks of the year. Make Friends’ debut “Drop Naked” is Indie’s answer to a D’Angelo deep cut, whereas Sam Setton’s new single “Gum” absolutely warrants a lie down. Another highlight to mention is Grace-Attalie’s Polluted EP which despite coming out last year certainly needs to be heard. Such a blend of sensual, industrial goodness that cannot be ignored.

Finally, we’d like to once more say RIP to Laura Peters of Psychic Love. The news came as a shock as we’d only featured their new single “One & Two” a couple days prior, but despite this brief connection with Laura we knew that her passing put an end to one of the most promising songwriters of the local LA music scene.

Of course, all of the music featured here on Sounds Good is banging, but these in particular have tickled our fancies thoroughly. Until next month, let’s keep making those highlights!

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