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IST IST change the landscape with new EP Everything Is Different Now

Ist Ist are a four piece from Manchester and this is their new EP Everything Is Different Now. They finally got underway with the release of Spinning Rooms, a debut EP that lauded applause and gained serious props from various forms of media all over the country, and now look set to bring more of their Post-Punk goodness to the masses.

The band envelops the listener into melancholia as the ambient sounds of “Entry” kick things off. This is then followed by the hard hitting drums of lead single “Exist”, which is bolstered by shadowy guitar riffs and a bassline that adds some Joy Division-jive to the mix. Disco sensibilities take over the drums to bring some rhythm to an otherwise moody number, while the vocals drawl sadness over the layers in a traditionally Post-Punk way.

“Son Is The Father” appears to enjoy these funky pants and delivers an equally grooving rhythm section that cuts through the billowing guitars. The chorus sounds like Franz Ferdinand at their spookiest and makes way for the soaring “Jennifer’s Lips”. Too hot to touch, these lips sink ships. It’s high tempo scatters and skulks through the night and right into the hips. Loose lips sink hips.

Everything Is Different Now is a superb EP from Ist Ist. While it’s main focus is bringing a touch of darkness to the airwaves, it does a great job at maintaining variation throughout. The aforementioned tracks feel like immediate hits of pure energy, whereas the likes of “I Want To Disappear” absolutely tears apart the soul. It’s beautiful, brutal in parts and definitely worth a listen or two.

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