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EXNATIONS cut another hit with new single | “Knife”

Fresh off the release of their Tiny Sound In The Dark EP last year, NYC trio EXNATIONS return with new single “Knife”. The EP became a driving force of positivity in the light of darkness, and “Knife” looks to do the same. Despite being about the fleeting demise of young love, the band shift it to focus more on the learning of morals and self-discovery and what we really want from relationships. We really wanna be best friends with these guys.

Sparse synthesisers offer billowing sounds that fill the atmosphere with tons of space, enveloping the world in a sound that’s sombre in execution. The skipping stones of the main beat evaporate up towards the sky alongside the drums, and the vocals drawl out honest admissions of “being just kids” and still being kids, floating amongst the layers of this gorgeous instrumental. The chorus strikes with a sudden directness that cuts through the vibe of the track and brings some much needed urgency to the mix, as the instruments collide together to deliver a sound that’s uplifting and full of emotion.

“Knife” is a brilliant track from EXNATIONS and one that once again reminds us why exactly we love the trio. They can seemingly do no wrong it seems.

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