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Sam Setton’s heartaching | “Hurts So Much”

Responsible for bringing of the highs of the year with “Gum” comes the inevitable comedown of Sam Setton’s new single “Hurts So Much”. The former single did a fantastic job at illustrating feelings of lust and desire, and got us hot and bothered, but “Hurts So Much” throws those feelings aside and objects to talk about heartache and lost.

With the minimalist RnB elements we’ve come to love, “Hurts So Much” is a track that allows Sam to project unfiltered emotions as he tries to come to terms with lost. The synths do a superb job at laying down beats that sink right into the hips, allowing the song to maintain Sam’s knack for creating danceable instrumentals as he absolutely tears our hearts out. Melancholia is deeply engrained in this track, and it does a fantastic job as an example of pretending everything’s fine. It’s brilliantly catchy, but so sad all at once. Who hurt you Sam? We just wanna hug you.

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