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Gold Spectacles bend us into shape with new single | “Origami Lover”

Productivity is a big thing we rate here on Sounds Good, especially as we tend to have so little. Just as we were about to rave about their previous single “Courtside”, Gold Spectacles come along with a brand new single “Origami Lover”. Gosh. Just for the record, “Courtside” is dead good but “Origami Lover”? Dead good-er.

With an off-kilter vibe and sharp synths, “Origami Lover” offers a sound that’s much more bright and vibrant than the emotional journey of “Moral Fibre”. The slight oriental feel of the percussion adds texture to the mix, while the vocals deliver a rhythm that floats beautifully amongst the layers. The chorus slips into the spotlight without too much disruption, and the subtle bassline adds something to dance to.

Gold Spectacles are proving that they can head down any direction and deliver something good. “Origami Lover” is the most fun track the duo have done, and the addition of Flute towards the end only confirms their ability to make everything sound organic and lovely. Good stuff.

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