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Geraint Rhys’ evergreen new single | “Old Age Don’t Come Alone”

Geraint Rhys is known traditionally for using his platform as a musician to talk about political issues, but he seems to have embraced a more personable side to his writing these days. His former single “Dilyn” was written after his nephew had heart surgery, and this new single “Old Age Don’t Come Alone” comes after the passing of his grandmother. Despite it’s sad context, Geraint packs it with all the gusto required to celebrate life rather than commiserate on the final event.

A stomping guitar riff dominates the song, seemingly strutting it’s way through deserts and seas to show off it’s pure gritty nature. Geraint’s vocals soar across the layers, and the harmonies from guest singer Eädyth compliment them nicely, bringing needed softness to this meaty track. Elements of Country and Blues ease their way into the mix, and the result is an absolute mammoth of a track. “Old Age Don’t Come Alone” is a glorious celebration of life, and captures the intensity of it’s context perfectly.

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