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We really like Skye Wallace’s new single | “Coal In Your Window”

Skye Wallace is gearing up to the release of her upcoming fourth album, and her new single “Coal In Your Window” is probably the best way to build said excitement. As Skye was writing the song in an old hospital, it’s lyricism comes from a story she heard of one of the young folks who resided there. The boy would throw coal at the window in order to get a girl to come and get down at their meeting place. Who says romance is dead?

Fucking hell, this song is an absolute rush of blood to the head. Storming guitars rip their way through the airwaves to knock you for six, delivering riffs and lead licks that have the fun of Eagles of Death Metal but the power of a GORILLA PILEDRIVING A SHARK. “Coal In Your Window” absolutely shreds throughout, and Skye Wallace…we really like you. What a hit. What a rush. We feel like we can climb the tallest of mountains, punch the wankiest of politicians and….shoplift, or something. WHAT A SONG.

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