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New Me look to bring us together with new single | “Three Channels Apart”

New Me is a self-confessed “dumb pop band” from California and having dropped their debut 7” single last year via Bleeding Gold Records, this collective of duhbrains are kicking off 2019 with their third and newest single, “Three Channels Apart”. Having had our paths aligned previously via the galaxy of Spooky Cigarette, we’re expecting something strange from the side project of Barnabuss Chump. What a name.  

Boasting an atmosphere filled with shimmering synths and bustling. MGMT vibes, “Three Channels Apart” does not disappoint on the strange quota. Its expansive sound is littered with a synth beat that seeps into the mind and a rhythm section that’s always looking to hit the dancefloor. New Me know exactly how to write a catchy tune, but it’s the theme that gives the biggest surprise.

“This song is about division, apathy and regret, sentiments that seem to be colouring every major interaction of this era.” state the band. It refers to the segregation of every aspect in life, from political parties to social groups; everything is structured in a way to blanket our minds from other opinions, discussions, channels. So it’s through New Me and “Three Channels Apart” that we celebrate this strange but vibrant atmosphere, together.

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