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St. Buryan offer emotion and reflection with new single | “Breathe Deep”

St. Buryan returns with new single “Breathe Deep”. They kicked off their year with “Giving In”, a storming collective of guitars and noise that quickly became their most well-received song to date, introducing the band’s traditionally heavy sound to a wider audience. “Breathe Deep” throws aside tradition however, stripping back the riffs and noise to offer something much more motive, but equally as good.

Synthesisers swell to create a hazy bubble in the atmosphere, as looping harmonies echo skywards and percussion is kept to a minimum. Frontman Ben’s vocals take centre stage to offer up some of the most vulnerable lyrics we’ve heard from St. Buryan, pushing the reflective theme further. It all culminates into a closing section that brings back the drums that bash the emotions deeper into your mind, against the watery melodies and the powerful harmonies. “Breathe Deep” is the change of pace we didn’t know we needed from St. Buryan, but are grateful for it nonetheless.

2 comments on “St. Buryan offer emotion and reflection with new single | “Breathe Deep”

  1. Beautiful review of a beautiful song!!!


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