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Becca James introduces herself to the world with debut single ¦ “Control”

Becca James is a singer-songwriter based in Newcastle and this is her debut single “Control”. What started initially as an a cappella demo has now become a fully-fledged instrumental song that showcases Becca’s vocals as an undeniable force. Out now on the brand new Crumpet Records, it’s time to butter your crumpets with this number.

“Control” brings in the addition of piano, bass and drums to produce an instrumental that supports Becca’s vocals, as the main harmony hook certainly takes centre stage, but is accompanied by the occasional flits of piano that help flood the song through the airwaves. The subtle grooves and the dramatic piano chords really add some dynamism to the track, and highlights the emotional and drive shown in Becca’s voice. It’s a powerful listen and one that revels with its new instrumental. What a wonderful way to introduce yourself to the world.

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