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Callum Pitt’s debut EP ¦ Poisoned Reveries is absolutely fantastic

Callum Pitt returns with his new EP Poisoned Reveries. Since 2017, we’ve been in the know that Callum’s very dependable when it comes to creating good music. We first experienced his sound via “Rabbits” and have gone on to experience many tugs at the heartstrings since. It’s okay, we’re willing to be mended by his music, always.

Poisoned Reveries is a collection of tracks that looks to add a bit of an anthemic touch to Callum’s sound. Detracting away from his previously intimate setting and branching out into soundscapes that attract the masses, while retaining a lot of the heart. “Forgotten Kids” kicks this badboy off, flooding the airwaves with an immediate rush of guitars and synths that provide the perfect foundation for Callum’s vocals. Its driving drums and floating melodies envelop the mind in an atmosphere that’s full of vibrancy and joyousness, making its mark as the perfect opener.

We’ve already raved enough over “Here If You Need”, but love how it transitions the sound of the EP into one that mellows ever so slightly from the showpiece of the opener. It leads nicely into “Knocked the Wind Right out Of Me”, which lives up to its name with a guitar melody that comes from nowhere and leaves you a little stunned. This is another driving song that floods the heart with feel good vibes, seguing nicely into “Slow My Heart Rate Down”. This closing number strips away the layers and delivers a final performance that’s intimate, subdued but full of emotion and anthemic elements.

This EP man, whoa. Callum Pitt has done a phenomenal job as Poisoned Reveries is a fantastic EP. Definitely our new favourite, for sure.

2 comments on “Callum Pitt’s debut EP ¦ Poisoned Reveries is absolutely fantastic

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