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Skye Wallace tears our mind apart with her ¦ self-titled new album

Skye Wallace returns with her new album Skye Wallace. The self-titled fourth album follows on from three months of us essentially fangirling over each of the singles dropped from the record. What started as a welcome surprise in “Coal in Your Window” has soon become a new obsession for more music from Skye, and now we’re satisfied.

What made “Coal in Your Window” so enjoyable was its direct approach. Guitar riffs launched a straight forward attack on the eardrums, dragging an equally ripping solo along the way. As soon as we realised what was going on, the song had already settled into our mind and we were transfixed. What a tune. This euphoric moment is met with a tremendous build-up, as the palm-muted groove of “Death of Me” kicks off the record in a badass way, further extended by the dancefloor stomp of “There is a Wall”.

While the record revels in its mysterious, gritty sound it does explore different avenues to keep it sounding refreshed. “Iced In” digs deeper into the mystery, as a constant beat chugs through the airwaves against Skye’s more distorted, explorative vocals. “Always Sleep with a Knife” has an air of freedom to it despite its paranoid title, while “Body Lights the Way” noodles its way through life with it’s rather easy-going instrumental.

Skye Wallace is a fantastic record. Skye Wallace has continued to astound us with her sound which has transitioned from delivering the odd banger to becoming the foundation for a record that absolutely rocks. It’s hard-hitting, catchy and straight up badass.

2 comments on “Skye Wallace tears our mind apart with her ¦ self-titled new album

  1. Mike Coughlan

    Agree fully and completely. She has the kickassedness of Chrissie Hynde IMHO


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