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Christian French details a lustful mind on new single ¦ “Head First”

Christian French is back with new single “Head First”. This new bop details the feeling of being helplessly in love/lust with a girl and wanting to be near them always. It actually hits close to home, as I’ve been yearning to be close to a girl who smells great, tastes good and comes in less than thirty minutes. No no, I’m not a freak – I’m just talking about pizza. Assigning a gender is a bit suspect, I must admit.

With a rigid groove, soft electric chords and the smoothest of vocals courtesy of Mr. French himself, “Head First” is a song that sinks into the hips with immediate action. Lulling you into a rhythm that’s hard to forget and a story we can all relate to. Its mid-paced tempo allows for the flowiest of movements, putting you in place of Christian whose world is seemingly moving in slow motion as he tries desperately to detract himself from this captivating lady. “Head First” is a smooth little banger, and one that’s very hard to not fall in love with.

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