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Sunbathers host a stonking pool party with new EP ¦ The Pool Party EP

Baltimore’s Sunbathers are hosting a pool party, and we’re all invited. Coming down from the rush of their previous EP A Heat Wave comes The Pool Party, a six song concept EP designed to get you in your swimming trunks and cannonball your way into euphoria. Granted, we haven’t been doing as many crunches as we intended but the soft, beachy vibes of Sunbathers is making us feel FIERCE.

“Urbody” kicks off The Pool Party with an instrumental designed to get everybody in the mood. As everyone skirts the pool nervously wandering who’ll jump in first, Sunbathers flood the airwaves with a set of fluid synths that calm the atmosphere, as bubbling basslines hot step their way into the water. The chorus is a freeing display of seldom care as summer synths lay down groove after groove after groove, perfect for the soaring highs of the vocals. What a way to kick off the EP.

Two interludes break up the vibes to deliver a brief breath between the bangers, allowing the listener to experience the atmosphere – “(Pool Party)” – while the other touches on sensual tones – “(Towel Off)”. This means that “The Deep End” can enter with a strong entrance, dazzling the airwaves with its sketchy guitars and effortlessly breezy tempo, whereas “Brute” can make its mark with its strong, bold synths.

The Pool Party is a superb EP from Sunbathers. It certainly envelops everything you’d like to hear at a pool party – good music, good vibes (always) and the lack of care in the world. It’s all about enjoying the moment, and at the moment we really love this.

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