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Grace Gillespie ¦ steps out of the shadows on new Pretending EP

Grace Gillespie returns with the release of her debut EP Pretending. Kicking off with “I’m Your Man”, the track introduces the listener to a song that flits back and forth with itself between demoralisation and tongue-in-cheek humour alongside dominant guitar riffs and hooks upon hooks upon hooks. If that’s not a great way to get invested in an EP, I don’t know what is.

“My Love Surreal” follows with a change of pace, with synthesisers taking the leading role on producing an instrumental that’s catchy and eerie in all the right places. Grace’s breathy vocal clatter nicely against the drums and produces what’s easily Grace’s more summery number. It’s beaming sunshine leaks through onto “Omey”, which scatters and struts its way through to the hips, thanks to its palm muted guitars and rigid grooves as well the occasional splash of synth too. By the time you’ve reached the title track, you’re already cutting shapes my friend.

Pretending is a superb EP from Grace Gillespie. Its songs stay true to the foundation laid by “I’m Your Man” but dazzles with a solid set of grooves and rhythms that help it flow so joyously. Nice work Grace, this is dead good.

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