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Springfield Elementary ¦ square up against social media with debut single “Machine Fiend”

Let’s admit it, we’ve all fallen victim to social media over the years. Sure, we’ve all tried to brush off not receiving as many likes or follows as we hoped, but deep down inside we still crave that validation desperately. Manchester’s Springfield Elementary look to firmly stick a middle finger to that shit however, as their debut single “Machine Fiend” slaps you upside the head and calls you a silly billy. You silly billy.

Fusing elements of Punk and Psychedelica together, Springfield Elementary produce a sound that’s off it’s rocker in all the places. Scatty guitars drawl all over the airwaves, stumbling into solid riffs that tear through the mix and creating a vibe that’s wondrously off-kilter. Basslines seem to jumble into the crowd forever, and the DIY delivery of the vocal adds to the realness of the track good and proper. “Machine Fiend” is a quality track from Springfield Elementary and one that gets us excited to hear more middle fingers to societal norms soon. Now if you could hit that like button…Just kidding.

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