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Montmoulin ¦ Storm the airwaves with new single “Crabby”

Montmoulin are a French duo and this is their new single “Crabby”. I’m sure this always happens but this is a song and NOT in fact the Pokémon, though I did love that little guy. I always made sure to include him in my team before heading off to battle the Elite Four though, to be fair; he did pack a punch and did evolve into Kingler who was an absolute unit. I digress.

It’s mad that Montmoulin are only three songs into their career as “Crabby” is a song that sounds from seasoned professionals. It celebrates all of the greats in the previous golden age of French electronic music and does so in a way that also showcases how talented the duo are too. The energetic instrumental snaps with booming drums, synthesisers swell the room with crystal clear beats and rapid-fire vocals that are determined to sink your hips as soon as possible, ensuring that there is no choice but to head to the dancefloor.  

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