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Holly Rees returns with new single ¦ “Getting By”

Holly Rees is back with her new single “Getting By”. The last time we mentioned her name, she’d just dropped her live EP Text Me When You Get There in the midst of her mammoth 40+ date-conquering tour of Canada. Now with this new single, the tour is coming to a close and Holly’ll be returning home, where we’ll all wonder if she’s still a proper Geordie, or a strange hybrid of Geordie and Canadian. Wae-Eh? man! Oh dear.

With a focus on mental health and its ability to turn any good day into a bad one, “Getting By” is a song that stands strongly against it, throwing middle fingers and promoting the notion of just moving forward. With such a strong defence, Holly introduces a full band into the studio, allowing her traditionally acoustic-based sound to be transformed into a fully-realised performance with the addition of Drums, Bass and Keys. Holly Keys.

The result is a well-rounded song that’s packed with hooks and comes with a real sing-a-long factor. Holly’s allowed to take centre-stage, but the other instruments help beef out the performance a little. The Bass and Drums add the necessary depth to the track, while the Keys add some dreamy melodies to it that seem to float amongst the layers. “Getting By” is a superb new single from Holly Rees, and fuck yeah dude, you tell that mental health what’s what.

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