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CIVILIANA ¦ New Single “Melt”

CIVILIANA are a four piece from Canada and this is their new single “Melt”, which honestly turns us into a little simpering puddle of oh boy. This new single is the culmination of a three-part musical story arc which – through the course of previous singles “Carry A Light” and “Void” – detailed the destruction of a relationship and the eventual revitalisation of a soul that wants to feel again. This phoenix is ready to fly its wings again, let it soar.

“Melt” tears into the ears with an instrumental that fuses elements of electronic and alternative rock together to create something that’s dark, broody and a little bit sexy. The collision of heavy guitars and synths seemingly strut their way through the dancefloor, leaving behind an air of mystery that has us absolutely weak at the knees. It grooves and hits hard all at once, and the cold delivery of the vocals only adds to its allure. What a tune this is.

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