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Kaleidoscope is a record label that has been instrumental in bringing good music to our ears over the last few years, so we’re very happy to announce that they will be launching Kaleidoscope Sessions. These sessions will be a series of live performances from all sorts of artists, showcasing their sounds and celebrating music itself to show just how talented they really are.

You can find out more details related to Kaleidoscope Sessions by tuning in to Spark Radio at 5pm on Sunday 22/09, in which Kaleidoscope’s own Andy Haggerstone will be discussing everything you’ll need to know. The label has become one of our favourite labels simply because they’re responsible for the discovery of some of our favourite artists in recent years, so we’re proper excited to be a part of this.

Please do show some love and support by subscribing to the Kaleidoscope Sessions YouTube channel, hitting that bell to be notified of all upcoming videos, and also spread the word by telling all your friends and fam. How exciting!

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