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Wintersleep ¦ new single “Free Fall”

Fresh off the heels of their seventh studio album In Land Of comes a new single from Wintersleep. “Free Fall / Fading Out” are extensions to a record that looks to send your mind to a vast world complete with sky-high melodies and atmospheres aplenty. I am very glad to be here.

Considering its rather subdued intro, you wouldn’t believe how massive the sound of “Free Fall” is. Built steadily with a rolling drum and bass combination, Wintersleep do a brilliant job at increasing the tension within the track before letting loose with a set of guitars that only add to the urgency of the rhythm section. The chorus is a glorious explosion as vocals and instruments combine to absolutely flood the airwaves with sound and harmony. It marks a climax that’s very satisfying is hear and caps off what is a superb listen.

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