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Nia Wyn’s new single “Stay In Your Lane”

Nia Wyn is experiencing quite the break out from the crowd this year. The singer-songwriter from North Wales has been tipped as “One to Watch” by Huw Stephens, announced as one of the first fifty for Great Escape Festival and opened for the likes of Paloma Faith and Paul Weller. She looks to continue this momentum with the release of her new single “Stay In Your Lane” – a song that unapologetically tells others to back tha fuh up.

“This song was written out of frustration over dealing with dudes in the industry and in other areas of my life telling me what I should do and how I should do it.” says Nia. “It’s also about their fragility when you question them and tell them to stay in their lane.” Packed with defiant lyricism throughout, Nia does a superb job pairing it with an instrumental that’s catchy, allowing horns and percussion to maintain an upbeat foundation to produce a strong dynamic. This heavy contrast allows the song to sink into the mind easily, while also throwing middle fingers to those who do try to stick their nose in places they shouldn’t.

Stay In Your Lane” is strong while packed with groove. It firmly confirms Nia as one to watch and cements her stance as able to do whatever she wants with her career, which is awesome.

Listen to “Stay In Your Lane” below and check out Nia Wyn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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