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Cavalcade’s new single “Blueness is a Heavy Stone”

Cavalcade are a four piece from East London and this is their new single “Blueness is a Heavy Stone”. Released today, this track looks to continue the momentum made by previous singles “Kathmandu Kid” and “Alkaline” as a way to help kick off Mental Health Awareness Week 2019 in a big way.

Lead vocalist and song-writer Connor Duggan has said that the latest single “discusses a topic that is quite rightly at the foreground of a lot of people’s thoughts today. As a group of young men, we felt as though it’s just as important to talk about our experiences while also giving this sense of optimism through both the lyrics and the musicality of the song.” Straight up, it is important for all individuals to talk about their mental health. The stigma of speaking out needs to be crushed; we all need to listen.

For the song itself, it is a gloriously ballsy listen with massive riffs combined with equally piercing melodies. Perhaps designed to smash through any intrusive thoughts, “Blueness is a Heavy Stone” flips a finger to those thoughts and shouts with pride that it’s okay to be not okay. It’s catchy and full of punches to the head. Cavalcade have done massive here.

Check out “Blueness is a Heavy Stone” below and connect with Cavalcade on their website and Facebook.

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