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Two Meters’ new single “The Nightmare // Bike Ride”

Two Meters is an artist who continues to stand out from the crowd for me. His brand of music is stooped in so much sadness and darkness that it’s often difficult to not get sucked in by his sound. Having introduced it with the Two Meters EP and expanded upon it with June’s The Blue Jay EP, Tyler returns with double single “The Nightmare//Bike Ride”, adding more depth to this deliriously dark universe.

The Nightmare” is arguably the most accessible Two Meters track yet, as sombre-melodies fill the air before making way to a thunderous flurry of distorted guitars to tear through the airwaves, depicting the abrupt terror that comes with having a nightmare. Tyler’s vocals drone through the instrumental, wandering loosely and stumbling with no destination, before the distortion kicks in once again to derail the track. It is a brilliant, hard-hitting listen, and one that sets up a strong foundation for “Bike Ride”.

The second half is a much more chaotic affair. With a bigger flair for experimentation, the track lays down an epic sound of distorted noise against crashing drums, allowing Tyler to come in strong with some throat-tearing vocals that just sounds fucking awesome, to be honest. It eventually heads to a stop, returning to the melodic vibes of “The Nightmare” to close off what has been one hell of a listen. Two Meters has continued to add depth to his discography, and these two singles on their own offer some proper ballsy noise. Good stuff.

Listen to “The Nightmare//Bike Ride” below and connect with Two Meters on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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