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Tasha Angela / “Lost in Nostalgia”

Tasha Angela is an artist from Toronto and this is her debut single “Lost in Nostalgia”. She has been writing music since age 11 and harnesses music as a form of healing. This first effort is an exciting insight into what to expect from this emerging artist, and kicks off the anticipation for her upcoming EP Hidden Gems, set for release later this year.

Accompanied with a new music video, “Lost in Nostalgia” details Tasha’s recollections of childhood. Past memories are reflected by its vibrancy and the easy-going nature of the instrumental. Drums combine with percussion to produce a groove that’s set in its stride, but provides enough stability for synthesisers to have the freedom to fill the room with a soulful glow. The later introduction of sketchy guitar riffs adds further textures to the sound, colliding nicely against Tasha’s vocals, which flow easily through each layer.

Lost in Nostalgia” is a superb song and a great introduction from Tasha Angela. It’s soft, smooth and full of groove. You could not want more. Check out the music video below, and connect with Tasha Angela on Instagram.

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