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Premiere / The Penny Antics / “I Don’t Care” Music Video

The Penny Antics are a duo from our local ends of Essex and this is the music video for their new single “I Don’t Care”. Sounds Good has crossed paths with Lewis and Shane a number of times over the last year, and I’ve adopted them as the too-old-for-it-to-make-sense-logically-Punks I never had. I love them and am happy to premiere this tasty new music video for them. It was produced by the duo themselves, bringing a stop-motion theme that would make Aardman quiver in their pants.

Speaking about the video, Lewis says: “When creating the music video, I handled all of the stop-motion animation and editing (despite the fact I’m nothing more than a novice at animation!) and Shane handled all of the live-action filming and editing. (He’s actually quite a dab hand at that stuff as he’s been known to shoot and edit skate videos!) The process of thinking up, capturing and editing the video was handled entirely by myself and Shane as we wanted an authentic DIY and lo-fi feel to the video. The toughest part of the stop-motion was actually cutting out all of the different phonetic mouth shapes and syncing them accordingly to the song. Bonus fact: I edited it all on iMovie which explains why it’s extra jittery! (iMovie isn’t exactly ideal for stop-motion!)”

It’s a very creative video and one that fully supports the chaotic, frantic nature of the song. “I Don’t Care” kicks off their latest EP NOT(e)WORTHY! and it’s a fantastic set of Grunge songs “on a Punk budget”, as they say. Check out the numerous reviews and interviews we’ve had with The Penny Antics too.

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