False Friends is a five piece band from Glasgow and after a smattering of singles they’ve finally dropped their debut EP, A Great Day for the Parish. Personally I’ve never experienced a parish before. The only memory I could relate to it is attending the Holiday Club during school holidays. We’d make all kinds of shit, eat all kinds of shit and then I’d go round a mate’s house afterwards and we’d play Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain on PS2 until dindins. Good times, although it was well hard to defeat Brock Lesnar.

God On A Hill” floods the airwaves with a storming flurry of guitars and melodies to kick off the EP in a big way. It’s biblical references don’t come across too heavy and are perhaps aided by the Disco-flair of the drums, which cut through the distorted riffs to add some swing to the mix. I really like the quick delivery of hooks in the vocals, and the strong male/female dynamic which pleasingly remains throughout the course of the EP.

Can’t Breathe” confirms False Friends’ penchant for catchy material as lyrics filled with heartache are complimented with a guitar lick that tears through the layers, and a synth that warps against the wall of noise. Lead single “Sea Level” explores this by drawing out these elements, building anticipation and launching into an instrumental that’s a real satisfying payoff, illustrating the freeing nature of the lyrics that yearn for people to simply take it easy on themselves. Finally, “Careless” closes out the EP with a massively emotional performance, replacing distortion with stark acoustic chords and echoed vocals that aim for the heart. I really love the line “No I’m not on drugs / but why do I feel addicted”.

Akin to competing against Brock Lesnar in Smackdown: Here Comes the Pain, A Great Day for the Parish offers a similarly heavy experience. A strong offense comprised of synths, drums, guitars brings a relentless energy to the ears, delivering an onslaught of good vibes sure to put a smile on your face, as well as a touch of emotion that showcases support throughout. It’s a great EP. It’s like being back at the Holiday Club once again.

Check out A Great Day for the Parish below and connect with False Friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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