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Nia Wyn / “10 Seconds”

10 Seconds” is the new single from Nia Wyn, who burst onto the scene in September with her superb debut “Stay In Your Lane”. Having already told people to back tha fuh up, this new track from the Welsh artist tells people to move a little closer instead. It details the “Should I go for it?” moment between two people who clearly have sexual tension but also some apprehension in exploring it.

I experienced this myself once. It was me and another individual alone, night had begun to descend upon us and stars were beginning to shine through the canvas of dark. We were close enough for me to feel the slight hurried exhales upon my neck, and I was steadily losing control of mine. Seconds felt like a lifetime until I went for it. I pulled out a slice of pizza sat beside us and pushed it towards their mouth and fed them. Emotions flood from my eyes and our heartrates decreased as we both relaxed. We’d been waiting to eat for over an hour by that point.

Blending elements of RnB and Soul together, Nia Wyn creates a sound that’s subtle but very effective. Her vocals quite rightly take the spotlight, but they’re boosted by an instrumental full of vibrant, sensual goodness. Tight rhythms, sparkling pianos and heavily echoed guitar chords produce an atmosphere that takes me right back to shoving pizza into a significant other’s mouth. Nia packs all sorts of hooks into the lyrics, solidifying the notion that she is someone to watch. This is the best “10 Seconds” I’ve ever had.

Listen to “10 Seconds” below and connect with Nia Wyn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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