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Nerd Neck / New Single / “Schnapps”

Have we all experienced situations where our significant others try to dampen our spirits? Loved ones becoming grumpy grumpersons at parties? Nerd Neck has it covered. With their new EP Leak fast approaching, the Boston-based band have dropped new single “Schnapps”, which details the freedom that comes with flipping the bird at the furious beast that stands before you. I’ve experienced it once and it very nearly ruined a house party, but I did the smart thing and decided to drink more Vodka.

Scrappy guitars build tension as “Schnapps” kicks off with an immediate confession of frustration, performed through passionate vocals. The lo-fi feel to the track really adds to the relatability, especially when the other contributing vocals chime in to drive a superb vocal hook into the mind. Furious drums relieve the anger that pours out of the instrumental, and the whole song just feels like one big, deserved middle finger. It’s great. Now, pass me another beer.

Listen to “Schnapps” below and connect with Nerd Neck on Bandcamp.

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