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Alexandria Maillot / New Single / “Someone to Keep You Warm”

Alexandria Maillot returns with her new single “Someone to Keep You Warm”. Coming from her new album Benevolence, this tune looks to add a silver lining to a rather dark context. This is a dance number that aims to bring you out of the gloom and onto the dancefloor. A nice bit of escapism.

I adore the blend of styles that occurs throughout the song. The intro is eased into the ears by an idyllic synth, paired nicely with Alexandria’s vocals while backed by some frantic drums in the background. This smooth opening collides with a brash, dance-focused synth that dominates the airwaves and adds some serious spice to the track. What follows is a constant battle between the onslaught of heavy bass and the mellowed vibe of the intro, producing a sound that fights against itself but creates something that’s proper exciting to listen to. “Someone to Keep You Warm” is a fascinating track, and certainly does bring you out of your reality for a minute or two.

Listen to “Someone to Keep You Warm” below and connect with Alexandria Maillot on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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