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Dream Nails / New Single / “Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)”

London punk witches Dream Nails are back with new single “Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)”, the second cut from their upcoming debut album (3rd April via Alcopop! Records). The song details the struggle of dating in the 21st century, illustrating the pain that comes with being ghosted after a pretty solid set of back and forth. I was fortunate to find my partner before this modern lark and was able to court her in a more traditional way. I exclaimed a desire to wife her, and then challenged her father to a duel in order to win her love. Nice.

As the dating world is full of different avenues for people to explore and filled with an oversaturation of swiping right and maintaining a list of potential suitors, Dream Nails depict the chaotic nature of GETTING SOME with this new track. A frantic collision of guitars spills out of the airwaves to immediately throw you off guard, dragging with it a rhythm section that also seemingly stumbles its way into the ears. The vocal performance becomes increasingly desperate as the song goes on, fuelling the desire to wonder why you’ve been left on read. It honestly is a move nobody appreciates, but Dream Nails allows it to become something everyone can relate to.

“Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns”) is a fantastic burst of energy. Dream Nails combine some modern tropes with a stellar instrumental and it makes for some huge entertainment. “Chirpse degree burns” is an excellent phrase by the way. That needs to become a thing.

Listen to “Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)” below and check out Dream Nails on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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