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Marco DeLiso / New Single / “Round & Round”

Marco DeLiso returns with his third single “Round & Round”. The latest cut from his upcoming EP Balance looks to celebrate the joy of diversity with a wonderful display of different elements and genres paired together to create a song unlike no other. I, too, am a fan of diversity, although I wasn’t too keen on their live show. At one point Ashley Banjo decided to lock himself in a box full of water. Madness.

From the deep-rooted drum beat to the slightly jazzy guitars, “Round & Round” is a track that mashes together all kinds of sound but succeeds in a big way. The instrumentation is like a terrarium, filled with life. Overdubbed vocals ring out into the open sky, grooves sing out into the atmosphere and plucky piano chords skip along lush fields of melody. It’s great.

What keeps it all flowing cohesively are Marco’s vocals, which contribute the necessary hook or tools needed to lead the track into its booming chorus, or its swirling cascade of harmonies. It’s beautiful, catchy and a little weird. It’s everything you could want from a Pop tune.

Listen to “Round & Round” below and check out Marco DeLiso on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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