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Club Paradise / New Single – "Teenagers"

Club Paradise kick-off their 2020 with “Teenagers”. This new single illustrates the struggles of life, in which we grow up wishing to be independent and able to make our own choices but begin to long for those times of little responsibility once we’ve reach that stage. It’s something we all do, and while the song reveals the anxiety of growing up, it’s got all of the pop appeal to remain a staple going forward.

There’s a real push for nostalgia in the media these days and “Teenagers” is a song that embraces that motion. Larger-than-life guitars bring bittersweet melodies to the forefront, immediately filling the room. Giant drum fills and walls of riffage continue to deck out the room with an 80’s aesthetic, as the basslines slinks between the layers to ensure the song hits the hips. Massive vocals project all sorts of emotion which reach each corner, giving off a real “Forever Young” feel that adorns every coming-of-age moment.

“Teenagers” is a superb song from Club Paradise. It’s one that harks back to the golden age of pop while maintaining a level of modernity that keeps it sounding fresh. The lyrics are undeniably relatable and the instrumental is arguably the best the band have made yet. Now, I’ve got the end of the year prom coming up. Someone come help me fit into my dress.  

Listen to “Teenagers” below and check out Club Paradise on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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