With their new album You Know I’m Not Going Anywhere set for release on March 13th (Fat Possum), The Districts are back with new single “Cheap Regrets”. This new tune offers a dancefloor for some deep thinking as it pens frustration at the world for wishing to sell you and everything you are. Tie those laces honey, we’re going dancing.

Its intro sets the beat with a subtle kick drum as synths bubble in the background, creating the perfect space for the bass to kick in with an unbelievably groovy bassline. By this point you’re already stuck, but this is confirmed by the inclusion of the vocals, which seem to slide into place smoothly. I love that the vocals and the ensuing guitar riffs are delivered with an energy that already matches the pace of the song, making no choice but to get moving. Lyrics of consumers becoming consumed keeps the brain engaged, and also creates a nice contrast with some rather thought-provoking material.

Despite its heavy topic, “Cheap Regrets” is a song that knows exactly how to dance. It’s a song that rallies the consumers, throws up middle fingers to all of the suits and media and nastiness of the world and allows us to celebrate being human again. It is a proper groove-machine and one I love very, very much.

Listen to “Cheap Regrets” below and check out The Districts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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