St. Buryan are back with their new single “Tell Me”. With a promise to pack this year with new material and potentially a new EP, it only makes sense for the Newcastle quintet to kick it off with a bang. Their career has been well documented on the blog over the last couple of years, so I’m very pleased to be premiering the new single for you today. Cheers lads.

Detailing the immediate aftermath of a relationship no more and the strong reaction of rejecting a booty call from an ex, “Tell Me” is a song that speaks directly to my soul. I get calls from former lovers all the time asking for a tango but respectfully, I always say no. And then I wake up.

What I like most about St. Buryan is their ability to make their songs say larger than life. They always know how to create a massive chorus that’ll last forever in your mind. This is very much the case on “Tell Me” but the new single also comes with additional fireworks that keep it flowing very nicely. Warm basslines strut their way across the verses, dazzled by percussion and off-kilter guitar riffs that aim straight for the hips. This injection of groove collides nicely against the mammoth drums and the vocals which always retain a commanding presence throughout.

“Tell Me” is a massive tune and arguably the biggest of the St. Buryan discography yet. It holds all the anthemic tools to stick in your brain, but all the swing to make you move too. If this is just the first of many St. Buryan songs this year, I cannot wait to dance all year round.

Listen to “Tell Me” below and check out St. Buryan on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  


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