Jodie Nicholson’s “I Must Be Dreaming”

What’s better than just laying in the grass, in the sun, just basking in the lazy haze that comes with it? In my opinion, nothing. This feeling that is so fleeting to capture, is captured by Jodie Nicholson’s song “I Must Be Dreaming”.

There’s this slow energy to the song but instead of making the song lag or feel longer, it lulls you into that hazy feeling I mentioned before. In her own words “I Must Be Dreaming is based upon someone you’d call ‘the light of the room’ and more-so how it feels to be drawn, be it romantically or platonically, to this person and their energy.” This concept perfectly translates into the song. The song almost becomes that person you’d call the light of the room. It becomes this warm presence that you just want to bask in. It’s a song you can have on repeat and never get sick of it. Nicholson’s beautiful vocal abilities combined with a smooth saxophone solo just make her song feel like a warm blanket, or a summer sunset. It becomes a song you just want to be around.

The music video mimics these concepts as well. The music video follows Nicholson in these orange, brown, and golden hues. She is basking in light, almost becoming the exact thing she’s singing about. The song is just pure golden.

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